Family Lawyer

Family lawyer is an area of law that deals with family matters and domestic releationship. And the name only suggests that it is branch of law covering all disputes or unresolved occurance within the families. The branch of law includes different religions,custom tradition with well thought off remedies to resolve their dispute quickly.

One of the special aspect of this act is that it is a social and beneficent legislation.It is established in india to settle family dispute although each state has a different system utilized to address family law cases each states to provide families with best possible outcome in family law cases. Family lawyer include within its umbrella various religion practiced in india including the different laws and regulation to provide legal solution to problem ariseing up every now and then.

Family law is an area of an law that deals with family releated issues and domestic releation including

  • The Nature of Marriage issues arises throughout the marriage.
  • Paternity fraud and testing
  • Adoption and legal matters.
  • Child custody, child maintenance matter.
  • Divorce legal matters.
  • Family legal agreements
  • Maintenance of senior citizen.
  • Maintenance for Wife.
  • Null and Void Marriage.
  • Judicial Seperation.

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